Elan 4.8 Length 4.80 m Tohasu outboard motor 5 HP Maximum 6 people
Rent a Boat - Jugoplastika 4.6m 5 HP - 5person
RTM Kayak Stable, maneuverable, ideal for families - 2-3 adults + two children.
For 2 persons Easy and best way to explor small bays around hotel Adria or visit island of Ošjak!
Peace, quite and simplicity of Ošjak island as well as untouched nature, crystal clear sea, sun and Mediterranean scents have acquired Ošjak its informal name: 'The island of love'.

With its surrounding bays and beaches as well with small, uninhabited islets, Vela Luka makes up for

a perfect destination for those seeking adventure and sport challenges and those who are always in

search for new challenges and activities that will complete their holiday times.

Filipa Trade as an agency is there at your service with its vehicle fleet of quality kayaks, paddle boats

and boats which you can use to discover natural beauties that this part of Korčula isoland is abundant with.

Vela Luka

Vela Luka situated on western part of Korčula island in 9,2 kilometers long bay has come to be known

as one of the best anchorages on the eastern part of the Adriatic with picturesque surrounding islets,

deep bays and aslope sheared off cliffs. Most known and visited surrounding destinations in Vela

Luka's vicinity that can be reached with our kayaks, boats and paddle boats are island Ošjak, Gradina

bay, Martina bay and Pičena bay.


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